🌸 Katharine Hartnett
Vegan Nutritionist & Inspired Foodie that has a Passion for Helping Others in Health Coaching, Detox and Nutritional Cleansing. Just sharing my Experience.

Welcome to Glowing Living!

This is where I share with you my Tips, Tricks, Recipes, Natural Beauty & Skincare and Fitness Motivation to help you live your most Vibrant and Healthy Life possible and show you Key Ways through Massage that you can Naturally Recover and Heal Your Body.

Glowing Living is about connecting your Body, Mind and Spirit and Living in Harmony with Yourself, Your Thoughts and Your Heart.

All Recipes are VEGAN, GF, Processed Sugar-Free and Low Fat



My Afternoon Pick Me Up today was my 2 Fav Smoothie Bowl Flavours together Acai & Pitaya🍧🍇… ACAI PINK PITAYA BANANA NICECREAM BOWL was very Refreshing and gave me the Hydration I needed! 😛 Recipe Below for those interested 👇 💮 INGREDIENTS: ●2 frozen bananas ●1 frozen acai puree pack ●1 cup frozen pink dragonfruit peices ●1/2 an avocado ●Splash of coconut milk ●2 cups coconut water 💮 DIRECTIONS: 1. Blend all Ingredients in a high speed blender (I use Vitamix) until smooth. 2. Serve in bowl of choice and top with Dessicated Coconut and Mixed Berries and try to eat it before it melts! 3. ENJOY! 👅 . . . #smoothies #nicecream #smoothiebowls #veganicecream #betterthanicecream #vegan #healthy #dairyfree #revitalizer #cleansing #detox #yummo #raw #rawvegan #rawsome #healthylifestyle #cleaneating #postworkout #govegan #vegansmoothie #energizing #fitnessfreak #acai #pinkpitaya #berrilicious

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This page was Inspired and came from my LOVE for Health & Fitness, Art & Photography. The Foundation and Whole Approach of the Healthy Lifestyle that I live is based upon this Star Drink 👇👇

The Glowing Green Smoothie

Glowing Recipes and Health Tips You Can Share With Your Friends and Family



Get Ready For More Energy, A Clearer Mind Set, Improved Digestion, Reduced Bloating, Better Sleep, Glowing Skin, Boosted Mood, The Secret to Thick Lustrous Hair and Strong Nails Bones and Teeth, Weight That Melts Off Easily and Kiss those Sugar Cravings Goodbye!

Glowing Living is a Lifestyle Detox and Cleanse ➡         It’s a Glowing Life.



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